concert works

Potters Field (the quartet)2017 - string quartet with soprano and electronics

Immortal Beloved (Unsterbliche Geliebte)on the Beethoven project-250 pieces for Beethoven

Gabriel’s Song 2008- electro-acoustic work for choir

trumpet w/tape 2007- trumpet with live electronics

canyon in the sand 2005 - piano solo


Potters Field (2017)

From Bellevue

Rockford state hospital

Potters Field (the quartet)

Forgotten are the damned


Tears for the unknown

canyon in the sand

Life of an artist

saint Mayhem

peaceful people

Dont leave me

into the abyss

Reconstruction of self (2013)

Day 1 4:40 piano

Seclusion 2:07 piano, cello

Cant Say Goodbye 3:21 guitar, vocals

Reaching Back 2:10 guitar, vocals

Ask Me to Stay 2:53 guitar, vocals

Wailing Winds 2:04 Japanese flute, electronics

Darkest Days 2:44 piano, vocals

Taste of Heaven 4:28 guitar, vocals

Phoenix 2:25 piano

on my way :59 cello guitar

Deconstruction of sound (2010)

welcome 1:56 percussion horns

Marimba Feature 2:52 marimba, cello with electronics

Nite fall in Qatar 2:24 cello, Sitar, percussion, electronics

Space Flight 4:09 electronics,

New Day 3:26 guitar, electronics, percussion

Lost In you 3:02 guitar

Piano/harp Serenade 1:52 piano, harp, percussion

Hypnosis 2:20 electronic work

Darkest Nite 3:14